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Elite Training from Elite Teachers

Grove News: $98,000 total college scholarship money won by Grove Prep’s top student. Congrats Margaux!

Grove News: Long-term Grove Prep student Matteo gained acceptances to 13 colleges. Congrats Matteo!

Grove News: Students are already preparing for the next college admissions cycle.

Grove News: Current Ivy League acceptance rates are between 3.9% and 8.7%.

Academic Tutoring

Grove Prep students range from
ages 8 to 36 and live in countries all over the world.

Standardized Testing

Grove Prep’s SAT and ACT students capture an average of 82.8% of points from diagnostic to final test

College Admissions

100% of Grove Prep students were accepted to at least one of their top three colleges or high schools in 2022

Our students have gained admission to:

Match with a tutor in any of these areas.

Our students come from school systems all over the world. From learning multiplication to LSAT prep, Grove Prep has a faculty of top-tier educators ready to help you find academic success.

Elementary and Middle School

  • Prepare for the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, and other entrance exams
  • Keep up with their classes, or catch up if they need to
  • Navigate learning differences and executive functioning development

High School

  • Academic Subjects & Languages
  • IB and AP classes
  • SAT and ACT prep
  • College application consulting

College & Beyond

  • Advanced academic subjects
  • Graduate entry exams & admissions

Connection and Trust

From students who would much rather being doing something else to driven high-achievers, our educators take every student where they’re at. We have found that authentic connection and trusting relationships enhance learning and retention.

Our students are encouraged to bring their whole selves to lessons. Our tutors do, too: it’s that form of presence that makes learning about growth rather than just getting good grades.

Our Services

Standardized Testing


College Advising

Applications and Essays


Academic Subjects

How do we measure improvement?

Our dedicated students capture, on average, 82.8% of the points they miss on their first diagnostic exam.

Case Studies



Oliver started studying with us in the seventh grade. Now he’s in college and still taking lessons.


Stella didn’t think applying to college was worth it. She now has eight acceptances.


Mark built electronics in his room. Now he builds them at the University of Michigan with a hefty scholarship.

Why Grove Prep?

We want to help you achieve the success you deserve. Through Grove Prep, you can:

Learn from high-achieving, elite educators

Give yourself an academic advantage

Benefit from one-on-one instruction

Learn more quickly and efficiently

Acquire strategies for homework and test-taking

Improve time management skills

Fill in learning gaps

Schedule lesson times that work with your schedule

Have access to additional help when you need it

Take lessons from anywhere

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